1. Several months of monitoring, with the cooperation of security services around the world, have led to the exposure of a Quds Force terror network that is pursuing attacks and assassinations against Western and Israeli targets around the world.

2. The network comprises Iranians, including convicted criminals and Basij members, and is working under the orchestration of a Quds Force operative in Syria who is in contact with the Iranian network members.

3. The network was planning to mount attacks in Colombia, Azerbaijan, the U.S., Bulgaria, Africa, and elsewhere.

4. The senior members of the network are Basij members Abolfazl Alizadeh and Mohammad Hossein Shahmoradi Zadeh, who are responsible for the activity of the rest of the members of the Iranian network.

5. One of the network operatives whose identities can now be exposed is Rahmat Asadi, an Iranian intelligence staffer who served time in prison in Dubai in the past for his part in the abduction and murder in 2013 of Abbas Yazdan Panah, an Iranian-British businessman and an Iranian oppositionist.

6. One of the network’s assassination plans, which was handled by Asadi, was exposed in a Colombian security service operation in which two local criminals who had been tasked with assassinating business people in Colombia were questioned.

7. All their communication means were seized, and the two confessed to the attack plans and admitted being tasked with the mission by Asadi, whom they know from the time they were also imprisoned in Dubai. Asadi gave the two men a down payment of $20,000 for the mission from Quds Force.

8. This network is another example of the terror activity Quds Force is pursuing worldwide, while trying to cover up its involvement by using local criminals and Iranians who are not identified as Quds Force operatives. Despite attempts by Iran to evade responsibility for pursuing terror, the details of the Iranian network and its proxies in various countries have been exposed and are known to security and intelligence elements worldwide.

ifmat - Exposure of Quds Force terror network - pursuing attacks in various countries around the world
Rahmat Asadi

9. For further details on the events in Colombia, see the following article that was published there: