(October 1, 2013) According to the October correspondent, Kourosh Parvizian, who had previously headed the Institute for Advanced Banking in Iran, replaced Abdel Nasser Hemmati in Sina Bank as CEO.

He holds a Ph.D. in Management from the University of Tehran and has many backgrounds and research and research activities in the field of management and budget.

The chairman of the Board of Directors and Managing Director of the Export Development Bank of Iran, the adviser to the Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance and a member of the Council for Money and Credit, a member of the bank’s law enforcement and a senior advisor to the president of the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran, including Dr. Parvizian’s executive record.

Membership in the faculty of Shahed University, lecturer at Tehran Universities, Tarbiat Modares Semnan, Imam Sadiq (AS), and the Institute of Banking Sciences are from the educational background of Dr. Parvizian.

Abdel Nasser Hemmati was officially appointed director of the National Bank yesterday by a decree of the Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance.

Source » mehrnews