Kimia Maadan (sometimes spelled Kimia Madan or simply KM) is a private company, registered on May 4, 2000, and named as an entity involved in Iran’s so-called “Green Salt” project whose aim was to convert uranium to uranium tetrafluoride (UF4) in a small-scale facility (capacity of one tonne per year of uranium tetrafluoride). The Green Salt project was identified as one of several projects described on files found on a laptop computer, and collectively called the “alleged studies,” which were smuggled from Iran and turned over to Western intelligence agencies. KM was also under contract from Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization (AEOI) to develop the Gchine uranium mine. The February 2008 IAEA safeguards report details KM’s work on the Gchine mine project, noting that at its peak, the company employed some 100 people and that its primary task at Gchine was to undertake the “detailed design, to procure and install equipment and to put the Gchine UOC plant into operation.”

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