Iran’s Supreme Court has confirmed the death sentence of a protester convicted over the killing of a member of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) during nationwide protests last year, a prosecutor says.

The prosecutor in the central city of Hamadan did not disclose the defendant’s name, but the activist Telegram channel 1500 Tasvir identified the man as Milad Zohrehvand.

There has been no information about Zohrehvand’s condition since his reported arrest on October 26 last year.

His family is said to have faced intense pressure from the IRGC’s Intelligence Organization to not provide any information about the man.

The legal advice group Dadban highlighted that Zohrehvand has been denied access to a lawyer while in custody.

Ali Nazari, a member of the IRGC’s intelligence arm, was killed on October 26 last year amid a bloody crackdown on widespread protests.

Security officials in Hamadan province quickly announced the arrest of six people in connection with the case.

More than 500 people were killed by security forces and over 20,000 were unlawfully detained during the unrest that rocked Iran for months.

Following biased trials, the judiciary has handed down stiff sentences, including the death penalty, to protesters. Seven of them have been executed so far.

Source » iranwire