The commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Major General Hossein Salami, said that Tehran possesses everything that is sufficient to defeat the enemy, stressing that “it (the unnamed enemies) will not achieve its aspirations to control us.”

“The enemy wants to control Iran, and we tell them that they will not be able to commit any folly or control our decisions,” Salami continued.

“Iran has a resilient and powerful people who will not yield to US economic pressure,” the Revolutionary Guards commander added.

Salami, who was named the chief commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in 2019, has been more aggressive in his approach with Israel Saudi Arabia, and the United States than his predecessors.

The IRGC chief has expanded and solidified Iran’s presence in several countries in the region, while also strengthening his country’s forces domestically.

Under Salami’s tenure, the IRGC has seen a massive growth in its naval capabilities, along with new developments in its missile technology.

Salami previously boasted about Iran’s domestic arms industries, pointing out that Tehran has everything it needs locally.

Source » almasdarnews