Esfahan’s Mobarakeh Steel Company and Esfahan Steel Company are the main shareholders of Mobin Sarmayeh, according to the official website of Mobin Sarmayeh, (

Esfehan’s Mobarakeh Steel Company, the largest steel maker in the Middle East and North Africa region, is used as a revenue stream for Bonyad Taavon Basij’s economic conglomerate. Esfahan’s Mobarakeh Steel Company has provided millions of dollars each year to Mehr Eqtesad Iranian Investment Company, an entity with close ties to the Basij and its Bonyad Taavon Basij;

Mobin Sarmayeh Brokerage Co. is one of the well-known and rapidly growing financial services companies in Iran capital market. The most important asset of the company can be abbreviated in three words: Trust of Our Clients. On the other hand, the support of our great and famous shareholders such as Esfahan’s Mobarakeh Steel Company and Esfahan Steel Company helps us to communicate with a vast portion of Iran’s market and it provides us a great opportunity to deal with the rest of the world.

As one of the highest-ranked brokers, Mobin Sarmayeh started its activity in Iran Mercantile Exchange in 2009. Three years later, the certificate of entrance in Iran Stock Exchange was granted to the firm by Iran’s Securities and Exchange Organization (SEO). In 2010, due to our great performance in Iran’s capital market, we introduced ourselves as one the few “A-grade” brokers in all aspects of the market.

In recent years, Mobin Sarmayeh has been classified as one of the best three brokerage firms in Iran in terms of the volume and value of transactions.

Moreover, by providing the unique services to our customers, we are known as one of the leading companies in this business.

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Shareholders of Mobin Sarmayeh, according to their offical website

In older annual report of Mobin Sarmayeh: Bahman Group, Andisheh Farda Investment Company, Hore Energy Development Investment Company, Bahman Investment Company, Kharazmi Investment Company, Armed Forces Social Security Investment Company, Ghadir Investment Company, Poya Investment Company are mentioned as shareholders of Mobin Sarmayeh. These entities are owned or controlled by IRGC and Supreme Leader.

Mobin Sarmayeh – Shareholders

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