AmnAfzar Gostar – e Sharif

Top Alert – Entity designated / sanctioned for terror, WMD and human rights violation

AmnAfzar , a company owned or controlled by Rasool Jalili;

Rasool Jalili, the founder of AmnAfzar, remains the company’s
largest shareholder and the head of its steering committee;

Many ISPs in Iran use an integrated software and hardware system
known as Separ, produced by AmnAfzar, which can monitor web traffic
and block political websites and internet communications;

AmnAfzar also produces, among other things, filtering and monitoring
hardware and software, including Separ Web Filter, Saran Web Filter
Squid Escort Web Filter, and Alal Web Filter;

The filters remove “illegal” web content as defined by Iranian cyber policy criteria;
For instance, Separ Web Filter is a URL filtering device that removes
“ illegal ” internet content and analyzes web traffic;

AmnAfzar’s Squid Escort filtering system is an internet filtering software
that can filter by address, user name, internet address type, group and origins;

AmnAfzar also provided an email and attachment monitoring system for use by the Iranian Government;

Also Known As:
Sharif SecureWare;

Involved In:
Abuse of Human Rights


5th Floor, No. 35, Qasemi St., North Side of Sharif University, Azadi Avenue, Tehran, Iran
No. 131, Pardis Techn logy Park, Pardis, Iran
Unit 3, 2nd Floor, No. 1176, Between 52, 54 VakilAbad Blvd, Mashhad, Iran
Shahid Beheshti Ave, Sahand St.m No. 20, 3rd, Tehran, Iran 1587677518


[email protected]

Person of interests:
Rasool Jalili (Chairman);

Reason for the color:
» Designated by the United States Treasury Department Office of Public Affairs (OFAC) on June 12,2009 pursuant to Executive Order 13628, which targets Iranian regime’s abuse of human rights;

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