National Petrochemical Company In order to accelerate the activities of the petrochemical development projects and the use of domestic and foreign investment, established the Amir kabir Petrochemical Company (Public Joint Stock Company) as the executor of the ongoing projects.

According to their official website their shareholders are:
1. Bank Refah Kargaran
– Has provided financial services to entities in Iran’s defense sector. Provided financial services to Iran’s Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics (MODAFL) and Iran Aircraft Manufacturing Industrial Company (HESA)
2. Navid Zar Chemical Industrial Company
3. Investment COmpany of Retirement Organization of Country
4. Sade Far Company
5. Atieh Saba Investment Company
6. Pension fund of country
7. Refah Pardis Technology Development Company
8. Refah Pardis Commercial Development Company

ifmat - AmirKabir shareholders

Amir Kabir Board of Directors are:
Asadolah Gholampoor – CEO and member of Board of Directors (Refah Pardis Technology Development Company)
Mahmoud Mojib – Vice Chairman of the Board (Navid Zar Chimi Industrial Company)
Mohamad Reza Karimi Alvije – Chairman of Board (Representative of bank Refah Kargaran)
Sayed javad Soleimani – Member of Board of Directors (Refah Pardis Business Development Company)

ifmat - AmirKabir Board of Directors and CEO

Amir Kabir company is working in China, South Korea, Afghanista, Pakistan, India, UAE, Iraq, Turkey, Africa, Italy, Belgium, France, Germany, Spain Lithuania, Romania, Greece, Netherlands, UK;

ifmat - Amir Kabir in Europe

Amir Kabir Petrochemical is using Borsig equipment from Germany.

ifmat - AmirKabir Borsig of Germany

Shareholders of this company have connections to the terrorist organizations IRGC. Income from this company, IRGC uses to sponsor terrorist organizations, sponsor terrorist attacks around the world, develop weapons of mass destruction and new ballistic missiles;