Compelling evidence has surfaced that now suggests the shooting down of Ukrainian Flight 752 by the IRGC was in no way an error, but was a premeditated intentional act.

Many Canadian officials and victims’ family members have outright dismissed Iran’s investigation into the destruction of Ukrainian Airlines Flight PS752 after it concluded the aircraft was shot down due to human error.

Safety investigators from Iran’s civil aviation authority concluded the Boeing 737-800 passenger plane was shot down accidentally in January 2020 after being “misidentified” by an air defence unit as a “hostile target.”

All 176 passengers and crew members – including 138 people with ties to Canada – died in the crash.

Since day one of the crash Schomberg’s Andre Milne with Unicorn Aerospace has been investigating and his evidence is now being used by the Ukrainian Anti-Terrorist Prosecutor Ms. Koriniak to determine if there are grounds to take Iran to the World Court for Crimes Against Humanity for shooting down PS752.

Milne calls it a “premeditated” SAM attack on civilian Flight PS752 after take off outside Tehran. The reason? To subvert an inevitable U.S. military counter strike against Iran by the creation of a spontaneous “human shield” made up of dozens of foreign government officials who all started flying into Iran 5 hours after the initial IRGC SRBM attack on U.S. and Canadian forces in Iraq.

The government of Iran, he argues, has subsequently attempted to cover up this “premeditated mass murder by concealing and or destroying evidence,” while attempting to blame the crash as a result of an engine fire. That was until the United States Space Force released satellite intelligence of an IRGC Missile strike against PS752 leading Iran to fabricate a second, and now a third, set of entirely separate explanatory claims in regard to this incident.

After reading through the final report from the Aircraft Accident Investigation Board of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Milne discovered evidence that the IRGC deployed Electronic Warfare Jamming Technology in coordination with the TOR M1 Air Defense Unit that fired the two missiles that destroyed PS752.

“The IRGC simultaneously blacked out the broadcast frequencies of PS752’s Satellite GPS Navigation and Emergency Locator Transmitters and continued to jam until the IRGC was able to get to the crash site and physically disable the ELT that started broadcasting signals to the World’s Emergency Satellite Network the second the first missile struck PS752,” Milne said.

Milne has submitted his latest finding direct to the Ukrainian Minister of Justice citing the cockpit voice recording transcripts of both pilots of PS752 becoming alarmed about the loss of GPS navigation immediately “before” they were struck by the IRGC’s first missile.

“As the IRGC have years of experience in coordination of Electronic Warfare Technology when jamming the GPS on ships in the Gulf as part of their organized piracy operations, it is disturbing yet not surprising the IRGC used GPS and Satellite jammers against PS752 during their coordination planning in attacking PS752,” Milne pointed out.

He said four separate flights departing the same airport entered into the 25-kilometre radar detection perimeter of the missile battery. All civilian airliners transmit transponder signals to identify themselves and Milne noted no fewer than 168 signals were transmitted, detected and identified during this time.

Flight PS752 entered this same perimeter and broadcasted at least 18 signals, and “all would have been detected and identified as all having originated from a civilian airliner” by the Iranian TOR M1 ADU

Further, he said the Iranians noted that a “ghost detection radar signal” was identified as heading from the south west towards the IRGC TOR M1 ADU that was deemed as a threat.

Simultaneously, the IRGC claimed the actual PS752 that Milne identifies as ghost 2 was not detected and or tracked as approaching the TOR M1 ADU, and yet the real flight was still targeted and struck with two missiles. This took place all while the same TOR M1 ADU was allegedly trying to track and target the first ghost threat 23 kilometres away in an entirely different direction.

In his findings, Milne pointed out the TOR M1 missile system has two separate radar systems, one for detection and one for targeting.

The Iranians claim the system was “misaligned,” but Milne notes the radar detection system is equipped with an ICAO standard IFF antennae that automatically receives any and or all civilian aircraft transponder broadcast signals. The TOR M1 system, he said, can’t be “misaligned” as it is a highly mobile vehicle that detects targets from a continually rotating antenna that is installed on top of a directionally controlled launch tracking radar.

Milne has provided graphic, satellite images with projected paths, locations and timelines that all back up his claims.

“It was after locating ground zero from where the TOR M1 was positioned to attack PS752 and confirming that a Turkish airliner passed directly overhead this exact TOR M1 ADU and was not fired upon, sealed it for me that this was a premeditated mass murder of innocent civilians by the IRGC,” Milne said.

Milne’s latest discovery that the TOR M1 ADU operated in coordination with an entirely separate branch of the IRGC to jam signals underscores Milne’s claim that the shooting down was a premeditated criminal conspiracy by the IRGC.

“This additional evidence of IRGC coordination of a what is inarguably a pre-engineered attack against a civilian target by precision jamming GPS Navigation and Emergency Broadcast Signals when launching missiles against PS752 and the pillaging the crash site after the attack makes it crystal clear that Iran violated The Rome Statutes and must be prosecuted for Crimes Against Humanity,” Milne argues.

Recently, Canada’s Security Intelligence Service noted that the victims families living here in Canada have been subject to a pattern of stalking, threats and harassment by unknown suspects believed to be acting on directions from Iranian Secret Police. Iran State Media also reported the IRGC Military Prosecutor has indicted 10 people in connection with the crash, but failed to provide names or details. The indictment announcement was five hours before the start of the Vienna talks to restore Iran’s Nuclear Program.

“I have full confidence that Minister of Justice Maliuska along with Ms. Prosecutor General Venediktova will be pursuing prosecution against Iran for this egregious Crime Against Humanity that will not only expose those responsible for this cowardly act of extreme violence, but will simultaneously demonstrate to the world that the Islamic Republic of Iran must be unilaterally stripped from all access to any nuclear development literally for the rest of human history,” Milne stressed.

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