The Mostazafan foundation is one of the largest charitable foundations in Iran and an important element in the Iranian economy that wields considerable influence particularly in terms of its economic activity. The foundation is directly controlled by the Supreme leader and is highly affiliated with the IRGC. This combination of political and economic might not only turns the Mostazafan to an effective tool of influence over the Iranian economy and politics but, also facilitates the penetration of this influence into international markets.

The Mostazafan Foundation controlls the following companies:

Paya Saman Pars Investment
Iran Housing Development
Sina Investment Management
Parsian Tourism and Recreational centers
Alavi Foundation
Sina Communications and Technologies
Peyvand Ferdous pars Agriculture and Gardening
Kaveh Pars Mining Industries Development
Alavi unrbanizing And Engineering Services
Sina Paya Sanat Development
Sina Energy Development
Saba Power And Energy Industries

Bonyad Museums Cultural Institutes
Novin Daneshmand R and D institute
Taban light cinema
Bayanat Hadi Audit and Ispection
Iranian Contemporary historical Studies

Shahid Motahhary Agriculture Industry
Tehran Shomal Freeway

Companies and institutes owned by the Bonyad Mostazafan Foundation according to their official website

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