The death of Brigadier General Mohamed Hegazy, deputy commander of the Revolutionary Guard’s Quds Force and former commander of the Basij, continues to cast a shadow die Hezbollah. Hijazi’s death re-illuminates his relationship with Hezbollah and its role in developing its military and missile capabilities, particularly when he was tasked with overseeing the build-up of the strength of these militias, die the most prominent military arm of Iran in of the region, like the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Major General Hussein, Salami in indicated a speech die he held at the headquarters of the Revolutionary Guards’ Quds Force during the Hijazi memorial service last week, as well die outstanding role He played, supported and directed die Militias of popular mobilization, die Tehran were loyal to Iraq, and die Houthi militia in Yemen.

Developing Hezbollah Capabilities

What die Iranian officials are not clear about die “Truth” of General Hegazy’s foreign missions revealed, declared die israeli army in a statement in August 2019 that Hejazi die Lebanese force of the Quds Force and the head of the Revolutionary Guard in Lebanon and he oversaw personally and directly die Missile development, die he already has.

According to the Iranian writer Dr. Arash Azizi took over Hijazi between 2014 and 2020 die Leadership of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps in Lebanon.

During this time his main task was die Develop Hezbollah militarily. The former commander of the Quds Force, Qassem Soleimani, personally directed die Iran’s relations with Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah, but Hejazi played an important role in military, logistical and technical relations.

He added: “During those six years, Hegazy settled and became a family in Lebanon in Accompanied by Soleimani in Lebanon the night before his death after taking a flight from Beirut to Baghdad, where he was killed by an American drone attack in January 2020. “

He explained that following the assassination, Hegazy was promoted to deputy commander of the Quds Force based on his experience in Lebanon.

Hezbollah missiles

In addition, said the Iranian writer, who wrote a book entitled “The Leader of the Shadow: Soleimani, die United States and die global ambitions of Iran “wrote, opposite Al-Arabiya.netthat the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in Lebanon was General Muhammad Hijazi half Hezbollah in currently, in which he was present.

He believed that Hijazi “was ideal for the position because he spent the 2009-2014 period as Head of Development on the Iranian General Staff and therefore worked closely not only with the leadership of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, but also with the Iranian Army in the manufacture of Arms declared die Israeli Army said he was an expert on missiles. “And he’s monitoring die Arming the Hezbollah militia. “

Suspicious death

It is noteworthy that die official Iranian media announced Hegazy’s death from a heart attack last week, but “Iranian writer Arash Azizi said,” Hejazi was sixty-five years old and appears to be in good health, it appears that his death is suspect. It is clear that many wanted to kill him, led by the Israelis, as he threatened their country. “

He continued, “If his death was indeed the result of an” evil act “, die I believe it will be part of the shadow war between Iran and Israel that includes these and many other incidents. “
The second number in the Quds Force

Brigadier General Khaled Hamada, Director of the Regional Forum for Consultations and Studies at, believed that the Hezbollah missile project was overseen by Iranian officers, and da Hejazi die second number in the Quds Force was. It is natural that all plant projects The manufacture and development of missiles and detection devices were under his supervision, especially since the topic of missile launch exclusively for the Revolutionary Guard Command and not for die “Hezbollah” is intended.

Provide documents on Soleimani

Hamada also stated that “Hijazi die Supervised the work of the Afghan Fatemiyoun Militia, the Zeinabiyoun Brigade, Hezbollah and all Iraqi militias. What is remarkable about his military career, however, is that he provided the Iranian leader with documents, die refer to Soleimani’s recent trip in Iraq and information about die Crew of the plane that accompanied him in addition to the meetings he held in Iraq, which means that him die Iranian leadership and was part of Soleimani’s close circle. “
External field missions

In return, the academic and university professor Imad Rizk, director of the student advisory service, said in a statement to “The position of deputy commander of the Quds Force has led him to take on foreign field duties. From here we understand his relationship with Hezbollah, the most powerful military organization affiliated with Iran, in addition to taking on the task of coordinating the Afghan militias (the Fatimids) and the Iraqi Abbas Brigades. “

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