Ugandan security and intelligence services working closely with their Israeli counterparts interdicted efforts by elements of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) to operate in the country, the Kampala Post has learnt.

The IRGC is a very large component of the Iranian Armed Forces founded after the Iranian Islamic Revolution on 22 April 1979.

It is charged with guarding Iran’s Islamic republic political system.

Current estimates place its strength at 250,000 military personnel – ground, aerospace and naval forces.

Ugandan security and intelligence services apprehended and later deported the Iranian national Salman Salehi Gheshmi on 1st of April 2021.

Mr.Gheshmi confessed that he had been sent by certain officers of the IRGC to undertake an operation in Uganda.

The Kampala Post has learnt that the sensitive mission seemed to involve compromising a joint Ugandan-Israeli operation. However, utilising its vast intelligence capabilities Uganda was able to quickly locate and apprehend Mr.Gheshmi. This website understands that the joint Ugandan-Israeli intelligence operation has generated a lot of valuable information.’

Source » iranbriefing