Government organized events took place in Iran on the Islamic Republic’s official Quds Day on Friday, with a range of ballistic missiles on public display.

Tasnim news website affiliated with the Revolutionary Guard said that the new “Kheybar Shekan” solid-fuel missile with a range of close to 1,500 kilometers was displayed for the second time this month.

The word Kheybar refers to an attack by early Muslims in 628 AD led by Prophet Muhammad on Jews living in Khaybar (Arabic pronunciation of Kheybar). The word Shekan means destoryer and Kheybar Shekan means “destroyer of Kheybar”.

The ballistic missile Emad, with a range of 1,700 km was also paraded, as anti-Israeli banners installed by state organs covered major streets in Tehran and other cities.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards commander Hossein Salami said on Friday that Israel was creating conditions for its own destruction with its “evil actions”.

“Stop your vicious deeds. You know well that we are people of action and reaction. Our responses are painful. You create conditions for your own destruction. We will not leave you alone. Wait [for us],” Salami said during Quds Day in Tehran.

“You know better than us what will befall you if you take evil action.”

The Revolutionary Guard Intelligence Organzation chief Hossein Taeb, a cleric, referring to “resistence forces” and Palestinians said that “Quds…God willing, will be freed soon” and Iran knows that Israel is in fear. Zionists, he said, have reached “the edge of the abys.”

Messagaes in similar state-organized events are also directed at the supporters of the régime and feed the coverage in media controlled by the government.

Taeb also said that the “supporter of the occupyer of Quds, Ameirca is not in a good state. The arrogant and dominating power of America is declining,” he said, and added that American leaders are lost amid numerous domestic and foreign challenges. They cannot free themselves from the humiliating situation they face in West Asia, and other foreign powers who might want to fill America’s shoes should learn the leasson, Taeb said.

The head of IRGC intelligence went on to say that “We will not také away our gaze from the enemy,” and will watch their every move.

The commander of IRGC’s extraterritoral Quds Force, Esmail Ghaani also told the crowd at he Tehran Friday Prayer that the founder of the Islamic Republic Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini always supported the Palestinians and the Islamic Republic in its four-decade history tried to follow his teachings to “liberate Palestine.”

He then praised the Lebanese Hezbollah, created in the early 1980s with planning and support by Iran’s nascent régime. Ghaani warned that “children of the Islamic Republic are present all over the world,” and have organized “resistence fronts” everywhere.

Tehran calls all militant forces and groups that follow its policies and receive support the “resistence front.”

Source » iranintl