Each year similar researches are performed by the title of ” IRAN 100 top companies ” by the Industrial Management Organization. Following that studies, In Mostazafan Foundation some similar researches have been performed too, The basis of rating of the companies have been merely selling and acquiring income and after that other specifications and criteria of the companies have been reviewed for more information. Therefore the companies rate somehow expresses their roles in the Market, and indicates the management performance and economic conditions of the country.
For the reason of recognizing the position of economic activities of the companies and also in order to increasing the level of activities and the method of management in those companies since the year 2003, the list of fifty top companies of the Foundation have been prepared and published

2BEHRAN Oil Company
3TEHRAN Cement Co.
4Bonyad Shipping Lines Co.
6SINA Insurance Co.
7General Mechanic Co.
8IRAN TIRE Company
10CHINI IRAN Company
11Energy Gostar Nasir Co.
12Melli Sakhteman Co.
13Coal-tar Refinery Co.
14ZamZam Shargh Co.
15Civil Development & Housing of North Co.
16Day Company
17ChaharMahal Sugar Co.
18Atisaz Company
19SINA Tile & Ceramics Co.
20IRAN POUYA Company

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Twenty top companies of Mostazafan Foundation

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