Ali Khamenei, the main shareholder of Parsian corporations and entrepreneurs

Bomber news website, the news agency of the Libertarian Students ‘and Graduate Students’ Group, has published two reports written by the group’s general secretary Saeed Ghasminejad, which deals with stocks of banks that, although appearing to be private, are in fact “part of the financial empire Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran “.

One of these two reports, entitled ” Ayatollah Khamenei, the great entrepreneur at the Bank of Karaffarin ,” referring to the Tehran Stock Exchange, indicates that “Khamenei and the Revolutionary Guards directly control 31% of the bank’s entrepreneur bank, and the largest shareholder block in the bank make”.

The report also adds that “another 7% of the Bank’s shares are also controlled by the companies whose Ayatollah Khamenei’s financial empire holds in them,” and the general policies of the bank are controlled by the Supreme Leader, since “no other major shareholder whose stock is This limit does not exist in the bank “.

Qasminejad has named senior executives such as Alyasor Afkhami (chairman of board of directors), Ali Baqayee (board member), and Jawad Shakorkhah (board member), who have had almost all their background in companies under the control of the Supreme Leader. .

In a further report issued on Saturday, October 13, entitled “Parsian Bank: Sayed Khorasani and the Persian Treasury,” the report reads that a look at the shareholders of the Parsian Bank “with a market value of more than four thousand billion USD, including one billion dollars worth of dollars And $ 320 million “, it says,” The companies controlled by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard and Revolutionary Guards under its control are 40.75%. ”

According to the report, the investment companies Tedbir, Mehr Afarinan Duran, Future Development Economics, East Telecoms, Tobacco Agricultural Technologies, Futurist Ideas and Welfare and Atifi Omid Institute as a number of Khamenei-controlled companies and the Revolutionary Guards are the most important effective block among Parsian bank shareholders. These companies are generally one of the subsidiaries of the “Executive Committee of the Imam’s Command”, which are directly run by the Islamic Republic’s Supreme Leader.

According to Saeed Ghasminejad, besides the Parsian and Entrepreneur banks, Sinai Bank and Ansar Bank are also a collection of seemingly private banks in the Tehran Stock Exchange, which are “directly controlled by Ayatollah Khamenei and the Revolutionary Guard Corps”.

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