Pasargad Bank is a major Iranian privately controlled bank, is affiliated with “bad elements” in the Iranian Regime, namely the IRGC and Khamenai’s economic empire.
Pasargad Bank was designated by the department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) in 2012 and later in 2016 sanctions were remvoed.
Some of the Pasargad Bank shareholders are entities that are connected to the terrorist organization IRGC (The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps).

Bank Pasargad shareholders:

Name% of sharesAffiliationInfo
Pars Aryan Investment Company9.84%Bank Pasargad Controls the CompanyHamqadam Investment Company, which is controlled by Sam Group, is a member of the Board of Directors
Saman Majd Investment Company4.94%A subsidiary of Samen Credit InstitutionSamen Credit institute is a subsidiary of Bonyad Sepah
Sam Group Company3.75%Hamid Reza and Hashem NiaHolds a monopoly on importing Samsung appliances in Iran
Milad Gostar No Avaran Company3.7%Affiliated with Pasargad BankTwo of Milad Gostar’s board members, Yosef Zalfi (vice Chairman of the board) and Behnam Naseri Nejad (chairman of the board) are also staff members of some of Pasargad Bank’s Subsidiaries
Kharazmi Investment Company3.64%Ghadir Investment Company is the majority shareholder in Kharazmi Investment CompanyGhadir Investment Company is controlled by IRGC
Tamin Atiye Human Resources Pasargad Financial Group Company2.75%A subsidiary of Bank Pasargad
Setareh-ye Mansubi2.59%Private person
Binash Pajuh Iranian2.59%Privately owned companyAlso shareholder in Karafarin Bank
Salin Investment Consultant Company2.54%EIKOAlso shareholder in Karafarin Bank
Shahab Omid Iranian Company2.3%Affiliated with Bank PasargadThe Company’s chairman of the board of directors Yusuf Zulfi is also Pasargad Insurance’s director of Human resource
Hamqadam Trading Company2.25%Controlled by Sam Group
Bank Employees, duty, disability and savings Pension fund2.24%Iran Khodro
Atiyeh Omid Welfare Institute1.88%EIKO’s welfare organization
Kosar Cooperation Institute1.58%A subsidiary of Bank MeliiKosar Cooperation Institute, one of Pasargad Bank’s shareholder and a subsidiary of Meli Bank, was involved in the early 2000’s in one of the first big corruption scandals in Iran. According to reports, the shares of several of Bank Meli’s companies were illegally transferred to a non-governmental entity – Kosar Cooperation Institute which at the time was a subsidiary of Astan Qods-e Razavi. All the defendants were acquitted
Saba Development and Management Company1.56%A subsidiary of the ministry of Energy
Pooshesh Tamin Atiye Building Company1.04%
Andisheh Sazan Basaman Vendad1.03%
Bareqeh Omid Iranian Company1.03%Iran Khodro

Picture of Bank Pasargad shareholders:

Bank - pasargad shareholding structure

Bank Pasargad Shareholders

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