Introduction of Parsboschung

It’s about 8 years that Parsboschung Company has been able to supply varied and efficient products during its activities in urban services field and some road and airport maintenance equipments. Parsboschung Company provides and installs multipurpose machines such as compact sweepers, washer vehicles, urban service machines, machines used in winter work (like snow plows, spreaders and snow blowers). Of course these products are not ended to the mentioned ones, but also there are other Parsboschung’s products such as 4×4 road vehicles, trucks, recovery machines and cash in transit vehicles.

This company is working in the area of 2900 m2 and is managed with a limited production system. Of course this limitation of production should not be considered as a fault, because all relevant companies almost produce customized machines as well. The strength of this company is to design and supply required parts and special applications for customers, so there are no pre-production and waiting for customers’ products in stock. It means that the owner of each product has been determined before its production.

The usage of Isuzu truck (N series and FVR) and Capra pick-up (ZX Co) as basic vehicles is almost evident between all company’s products, because some of custom products of this company are removed on Capra and Isuzu trucks.

Parsboschung’s strategy is based on reinforcement of engineering potency for special applications especially those which their production is limited or difficult in our country. The application is prototyping after designing step. After the finalization of designing and prototyping of products, they are produced and installed with the help of foreign contractors and will be delivered to customers after final approval of experts.

It’s good to know that Parsboschung company not only work with Swiss colleagues, but also it works with various companies like OTMFB Italian company, in the field of industrial pumps, electro hydraulic units and winches, ETD Italian company, in the field of sweepers up to 6 cubic meters capacity, AMCO VEBA Italian Company, about cranes, HYDROMAC Turkish company, in the field of garbage compactors, ASSALONI Italian company, about special snow plows and ACOMETIS French company, about spreaders. The aim of Parsboschung is to increase its basket of productions and applies world technology to its products.

One of the basic activities of company that is known as “lactating cow” is making double differentials vehicles and Hoorland truck has been in the first phase of mass production process. Our activities will be developed at higher levels (trucks) and lower levels (mini truck and jeep) in the next phase.

The recovery shop is one of the essential needs of service companies which is designed and implemented in three levels:

In the first level consists of 30 bus rescue vehicles of Tehran
In the second level consists of installation and service vehicles in ports and jetty construction
And in the third level consists of oil company wellhead vehicles

It can be noted that making trailers, tanks for transport of materials, tractor steering wheel control unit, ambulance cars and central bank armored vehicles carrying expensive consignments are ongoing projects of Parsboschung Company.

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