According to their official website, Arfa Iron and Steel Company is owned by:
1. Chadelmu Mining and Industrial Company – 43.69%
– Entity owned by Mobarakeh Steel Company – (Sanctioned by the U.S. Treasury Department)
2. Mining and Metals Development Investment Company – 20.51%
– Entity owned by Mobarakeh Steel Company – (Sanctioned by the U.S. Treasury Department)
3. Yaran tube rolling mill company – 16.99%
4. National Investment Company of Iran – 3.87%
5. Zarinshahr Treasury Investment Fund – 3.52%
6. Omid Investment Management Group Company – 2.98%
– Owned by Bank Sepah (Sanctioned by the U.S. Treasury Department)
7. Saba Noor Mining and Industrial Development Company – 0.77%

ifmat - shareholders of ARFA Iron and Steel Company

Shareholders of ARFA Iron and Steel

ifmat - ARFA shareholders in english

Shareholders of ARFA Iron and Steel in English

Shareholders of these companies have connections to the terrorist organizations IRGC. Income from this company, IRGC uses to sponsor terrorist organizations, sponsor terrorist attacks around the world, develop weapons of mass destruction and new ballistic missiles;


ifmat - ARFA Iron steel Suppliers

According to their official website:
– Main Raw Materials:
Direct Reduction Plant: Pellets from the pelletizing complex of Ardakan, belonging to Chadormalu Mining and Industrial Company
Steel Plant: DRI from the direct reduction plant of the project
– The electric arc furnace and the EAF and LF transformer and reactor of this project are designed and made by the Italian Tenova and Tamini companies respectively.

– The continuous steel ingot casting machine is made by the Chinese MCC Company based on the basic design of Concast Company.

– Most of the hydraulic equipment are manufactured by the Chinese Vickers Corporation.

– Electrical and automation equipment of the project are procured from the Chinese ABB and other reputable companies.

– Main equipment of the direct reduction plant are and the main rolling: Iran International Engineering Company (IRITEC)

– The 400 KW electrical substation: Faraniroo Co.

– Oxygen Plant: Sichuan Air Separation Group in China