Mohsen Rabbani

Mohsen Rabbani, the chief architect of Iran’s Latin American missionary network aimed at exporting the Islamic Revolution

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The Shiite cleric Mohsen Rabbani was, according to Nisman, responsible for setting up the first spy network on behalf of the Islamic Republic Nisman also accused nine prominent Iranians of being behind the 1994 bombing of Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina, which killed 85 people.

Mohsen Rabbani, the alleged mastermind of the bombing in Argentina, was the cultural attaché at the Iranian Embassy in Buenos Aires with support from Ahmad Reza Asghari, reportedly a member of the IRGC, who used a position as third secretary at the Iranian Embassy as cover.

Mohsen Rabbani, the chief architect of Iran’s Latin American missionary network aimed at exporting the Islamic Revolution. Iran’s ideological penetration of Latin America began in earnest in 1983, when it dispatched Rabbani “a young cleric with impeccable revolutionary credentials” to Buenos Aires. During his 14-year posting, Rabbani was the pivotal figure in the nexus between Iran’s religious and cultural, diplomatic, and terroristic activities in Latin America, travelling extensively throughout the region in an effort to replicate the model he perfected in Argentina.

Although he came to Buenos Aires on a tourist visa, Rabbani initially set up shop as a representative of the Iranian Ministry of Meat. His true mission, however, was to proselytize and radicalize the local Shi’a community, which was growing at the time as large numbers of Lebanese refugees emigrated to South America to escape the civil war. By his own admission, Rabbani was dispatched to Argentina “in order to create support groups for exporting the Islamic revolution.” Argentine prosecutors found that, “the driving force behind these efforts [to establish an Iranian intelligence network in Argentina] was Sheik Mohsen Rabbani. … From the time of his arrival in the country in 1983, Mr. Rabbani began laying the groundwork that allowed for the later implementation and further development of the [Iranian] spy network.” Years later, in a 2015 interview, he would claim that he travelled to the region at the “encouragement and guidance” of Ayatollah Khomeini himself.

Former Iranian cultural attaché to the Iran Embassy in Buenos Aires Mohsen Rabbani has been promoting pro-Iranian communication channels in Argentina and Chile since the 1990s. The Rabbani Network grew over 30 years, moving to YouTube, websites, and social networks, ICT’s analysis shows.

The AnnurTV platform, with news in Spanish about Islam and the Middle East, is within this network, the report indicates. The platform belongs to the Argentine Islamic Organization. Another channel is Chilean ARABTV, published in Spanish,which describes itself as catering to lovers of Arab traditions.

Hispan TV, a Spanish language news channel of Iran’s state-owned Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, targets Latin American audiences, has television and radio broadcasts, web pages, and a variety of social media accounts. Rabbani’s disciples are actively involved in it, the report says.

Rabanni has an international arrest warrant from Interpol against him for his involvement in the 1994 bombing of the Israelite Mutual Association in Argentina, Argentine daily Página12 reported.

Since his return to Iran, Rabbani was officially given the title of Khamenei’s representative in South American countries which has earned him a budget of $3 million a year for his terrorist projects in that region. Over the years, he has been able to recruit some South American nationals to the IRGC’s training camps in Iran;

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