The photo of Reza Salarvand, who commands one of Iran’s IRGC cyber hacking squads, has been published to the public.

The fresh photo, which was made public for the first time on Tuesday by an account named “3ackd0or,” confirmed Salarvand’s identity. Iran International had previously published a face composite of Salarvand that had been received from the Lab-Doukhtegan (Sealed Lips) hacktivist organization.

He is in charge of “Intelligence Group 13,” which is reportedly a division of the Shahid Kaveh force under the direction of IRGC cyber warfare commander Hamidreza Lashkarian (Lashgarian)

A database of potential targets for cyberattacks, such as cargo ships, petrol stations, and marine control centers in the US and overseas, was put together under Salarvand’s supervision.

According to his BS certificate, which was also made public by Lab-Doukhtegan, the 30-year-old holds a bachelor’s degree in information technology engineering from the South Branch of Tehran’s Azad University with a below-average mark of 13.

On Monday, Iran International published images of prominent Iranians involved in international cyberattacks who are connected to several Tehran-based government intelligence services.

Albania severed diplomatic ties with Iran this week, expelled its diplomats, and then its security officers stormed the embassy grounds in search of proof.

The Iranian intelligence ministry and its minister were subject to sanctions by the United States, and Albania was also supported by NATO as a member state.

Source » iranbriefing