SABA Investment Corp. subsidiaries and investees include a wide group of active companies in the power & water industries which are divided in 6 categories: main companies, listed companies, power operation and maintenance companies, power distribution companies, water and sewage companies and other companies.
In the main group of Saba Company, there are three companies with over 50% ownership: the Power Transmission and Telecommunication Company of East (Maham East) as a contractor for the construction of high-voltage posts and power lines with capital of 440 billion rials, the company Imran Saman Harim East with a capital of 16 billion riyals as the executor of reconstruction and renovation projects of the worn out fabrics of the country, Farab Company as the main contractor for the construction of dam and hydropower plants with a capital of 713.7 billion rials. The percentage of Saba ownership in these companies is 100%, 97.27% and 52.39%, respectively.
In the bourse group, companies active in the power industry such as the MAPNA Group, Pars Switch, Niro Trans and etc., among which the most important are the company MAPNA with the capital of 10,000 billion Rials, which is 47.62% of its shares Owned by Saba Investment Company. MAPNA is considered to be the largest and most significant contractor for the construction and development of thermal power plants in the country and the Middle East. In addition, it is active in the field of oil and gas projects and railroad transportation as a contractor and private investor.
Saba Investment Company also has 60 percent ownership of 39 provincial power distribution companies in most cases, and the majority shareholder is 25 percent in 25 power generation and power management companies.
Saba Investment Company, in addition to the power industry, has invested in the Abfa group of the country and now owns 43 provincial and regional water and wastewater companies. The highest percentage of investment in this group belongs to the water and wastewater of Golestan provinces with 27%, Tehran with 18% and Qom with 17%.
Companies are also in the group of other capital companies of the Saba Investment Company, such as the Mena Group Group (34.48%), Mosanir Investment (26.81%), and other companies such as MAPNA Turbine Engineering and Construction, Investment Iran’s power plant (Senate) and … whose ownership of Saba Company is less than one percent.

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