(Bashir al-Moussawi, a Lebanese metal dealer, involved in illegal deals with the Iranian Qods Force –Source: doublecheque.online)

According to Double-Cheque’s investigation, a Lebanese metal dealer named Bashir al-Moussawi is involved in illegal deals worth millions of dollars for elements from the Iranian Qods Force, the IRGC’s executive branch, and mainly for senior Qods Force official Shahriyari. In previous reports, Shahriyari’s name was linked to handling a terror cell against Iranian oppositionists in Turkey. Both Qods Force and Shahriyari have been designated by the U.S. for their direct involvement in terror activity, support for terror, and terror funding.

Over the past few years, Al-Moussawi has been suspected of being a Hezbollah facilitator, and it now appears that Qods Force is also using his services.

Al-Moussawi’s deals include sales of goods as well as currency conversion deals in Lebanon and Turkey. Al-Moussawi transfers the payment for these deals to Qods Force and Hezbollah. For some of these deals, Al-Moussawi needs to provide guarantees, for which he uses personal assets in Lebanon registered in his name. In only six months, Al-Moussawi managed to complete various deals for which Qods Force received millions of dollars.

Companies owned by the Al-Moussawi family have been supporting Hezbollah for many years. Following is a list of companies partially or fully owned by the Al-Moussawi family:

MCIC: Owner of a franchise of the Turkish furniture corporation Istikbal in Lebanon, of which Al-Mussawi is CEO. The franchise has a bank account at Bank of Beirut, S.A.L.

Moussawi for Industry and General Trade

Moussawi of Source Construction Material

RAMA LLC: The company has a bank account at Societe Generale.

AHB Holding SAL: The company has a bank account at Byblos Bank.

Istikbal Rent a Car Co. SARL

Moussawi Trade and Building Materials LLC

MCIC for Furniture SAL

MCIC Offshore SAL

Ghazir Real Estate 3517 Company SAL

H. A. B. B SAL