The semi-official Fars News Agency reported today that the IRGC is planning to establish a “Basij Navy.” IRGC already has its own naval force, IRGCN, responsible for defending the Persian Gulf and waging naval asymmetrical war in case of an attack on Iran. Its area of responsibility extends from Strait of Hormuz to northern Gulf.
Artesh, the regular military, also has its own regular naval force. The exact role of the new Basij Navy was not disclosed, except it was spoken of as being an auxiliary force to boost the capabilities of the IRGC Navy.
“The Basij Navy should be quickly organized through the cooperation of the IRGC Navy and the Basij Organization,” said Brig. Gen. Ali Akbar Kharatiyan, deputy commander of IRGCN. “On the basis of the same plan, some members of Basij will undergo specialized trainings in the field of naval defense and operations.” (Fars News Agency, 2 November)
Gen. Kharatiyan made his comment during a naval conference in Bandar Abbas.