Ukrainian officials have said they believe Iran intentionally shot down the Ukrainian Airlines flight PS-752 intentionally in January 2020, Canada’s Globe and Mail reported on April 15.

Oleksey Danilov, Secretary of the National Defense and Security Council, who has been involved in the investigation of the disaster and had travelled to Iran and met high-ranking Iranian officials, said in an interview that he believed Iran shot down the plane intentionally to prevent a cycle of military escalation with the United States.

The Trump Administration did not retaliate against the missile attack which injured dozens of American servicemen.

An Iranian air-defense battery fired two missiles at the passenger plane with 176 people abord as it was taking off form Tehran’s Imam Khomeini International airport on January 8, last year, hours after Iran had fired ballistic missile at US bases in Iraq and was expecting possible retaliation.

Three days after the tragedy, Iran’s Revolutionary Guards admitted their responsibility but insisted that it was a “human error”. Iran has failed to allow access to other countries in its investigation or share information. This, Danilov said was one important evidence that proves Iran is hiding the true nature of the incident.

“When they say this was accidental…I don’t buy that,” Danilov said, “It was intentional. This was a conscious attack.” The Ukrainian government has backed his assertions.

Danilov, who met his counterpart, Ali Shamkhani in Tehran last February, said his host did not completely deny his theory and only said that his political faction was not involved but there are different groups in Iran.

Source » iranbriefing