Kayson is Iranian company allegedly “affiliated with the IRGC [Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps],” and included on a list published by the British government of companies possibly involved with Iran’s weapons of mass destruction programmes;

A report published by the Center for Strategic and International Studies [CSIS] has claimed that Kayson’s Venezuelan operations are “supervised by Iranian Revolutionary Guard personnel.” In 2013, Tahmasb Mazaheri, a former governor of the Iran Central Bank, was detained at a German Airport after he was found to be carrying a check for $70 million belonging to Kayson.

According to reports, Kayson company it is owned by Farasar Company – entity that is controlled by the terrorist organization IRGC.

Kayson company is working in Iranian oil and Gas Sector. Oil and Gas Industry in Iran is controlled by the terrorist organization IRGC. In 2017, six Iranian exploration and production companies are qualified to work with foreign partners on the country’s oil and gas projects, according to the Ministry of Petroleum. The six are:
Iranian Offshore Engineering and Construction Co.
Iran Ofogh Industrial Development Co.
Pars Petro Zagros Co.
Global Petro Tech Kish
Sina Energy Development Company

ifmat - Kayson oil Gas Industry

Board of Directors & President:

Mohammadreza Ansari – Chairman of the Board
Reza Saeidkar – Member of the Board
Hossein Kamarei – Member of the Board
Ali Mohammad Kamran Kiaee – Member of the Board
Behzad Haji Shirmohammadi – Member of the Board
Giti Seifollahi Moghaddam – President

ifmat - Kayson Person of interests

Between 2008 and 2009, Petropars went to the private transferring frontier, and in the first stage, the privatization organization estimated the base price of 61% of its shares equal to 212 billion USD, which was comprised of a consortium consisting of Khatamalanbaja construction site, Astan Quds Razavi and Kayson Co., but after a while due to lack of performance of obligations and not credible bank documents, the contract was not implemented.


As part of an overall restructuring, in 1982 Kayson set up a specialized Machinery and Equipment Department charged with the task of managing the company’s growing fleet. The main goal of the reorganization was to increase responsiveness to the constantly changing requirements of project execution, achieve greater flexibility and efficiency, and allow project managers to focus on the financial and technical aspects of the project.

Kayson is using equipment from:

ifmat - Kayson machinery and equipment

Subsidiaries and Affiliates

In order to adopt with growth strategy based on concentric diversification and to strengthen its value chain in construction industry, Kayson has formed its group by share acquisition and partnership of capable companies or new registration of specialized companies. As a result, Kayson owns some subsidiaries and affiliated experienced companies in construction, investment, engineering, commerce and machinery in different fields of oil and gas, piping, electro-mechanical, water and wastewater, hydraulic infrastructure, advanced concrete molding systems and specialized high quality building materials and products.

Behroozan Machine Co. – Machinery and Equipment Supplier
Darya Pala Engineering Co. – Engineering Consultant
DaryaKhakPay Co. – Marine, Geotechnical and Structural Engineering
Eskanier Co. – Housing Contractor
Ettehad Omran Pars Co. – Housing Contractor
Farasar Co. – Civil Works and Housing Contractor
ICON – International Corporation of Consultants & Contractors Co. – EPC Contractor
Jarvand Co. – Oil and Gas EM Contractor
Kayson Ashyan Co. – Housing Contractor
Kayson Beton Sanaye (KBS) Co. – Polymer-Concrete based Products Manufacturer
Kayson Engineering Development (TMK) Co. – Engineering Consultant
Kayson FaraSahel Co. – Civil Works and Housing Contractor
Kayson Nezam Gostar Co. – Asset Protection and Security Contractor
Kayson Oil, Gas and Energy Co. (KOGC) – Oil, Gas and Petrochemical EPC Contractor
Kayson Projects Development (TTK) Co. – Project Developer
KSA (Kayson Sanat Abfa) Co. – Water & Wastewater Contractor
KTK (Kayson Tamin Kala) Co. – Trading
KZNF (Kayson Steel Melting & Rolling) Co. – Steel Melting and Rolling
LBP (Looleh Beton Polymer) L.L.C. – Polymer-Concrete based Pipes Manufacturer
Middle East Omran Machine (OMK) Co. – Construction Machinery and Equipment Supplier
Middle East Tadbiryar (TK) L.L.C. – Machinery Maintenance, Overhaul and Repair
Peshang Novin L.L.C. – Construction Molds and Steel Structure
TGJM (Mehras) Co. – Oil & Gas EPC Contractor
Vima Co. – Building Products Manufacturer
Zagros Machine L.L.C. – Machinery and Equipment Supplier
Zircon Sang Co. – Mining
Danial Energy sepehrkish – storage tanks hilder

ifmat - Kayson subsidiaries

Badakhsh Ma’adan Co. – Mining
Design Core [4S] – Architecture and Urban Planning
Farasat Inc. – Engineering Consultant
Iran Investment Co. – General Investment
Pooya Energy (TTEP) Co. – Oil, Gas and Petrochemical EPC Contractor
Sun Fire Co. – Oil, Gas and Petrochemical EPC Contractor
TETA Energy Co. – Investment in Oil, Gas and Energy
Aryan Economic Development – Investment & Financing

ifmat - Kayson Affiliates

According to reports, Kayson is the majority shareholder of a Jersey company called Belpars Petroleum Company Ltd., which ostensibly operates in Belarus. Also Kayson funded Belpars construction of a hotel, known as the Magnet Minsk, providing cover for the sale of Iranian oil through Belarus.

Kayson – Global Network

ifmat - Kayson Global Network

Kayson Company owns shares in Behgozin Brokerage. Behgozin offers services in 7 brokerage branches with exclusive halls in different cities of Iran. The company’s main service is trade of securities such as shares, sukuk (Islamic bonds), share purchase rights and trade of listed commodities.

Kayson Company is working with:
1. Ghods Niroo Engineering Company
– Ghods Niroo Engineering Company is working in Iranian Oil sector, which is controlled by the terrorist organization IRGC. According to reports, Ghods Niroo Engineering Company is owned or controlled by the Razavi Economic Organizaiton (REO) – entity that’s owned by Astan Quds Razavi.

2. Zagros Machine Company
– Zagros Machine Company worked with Mobarakeh Steel Company. Mobarakeh Steel Company is owned by Mehr Eqtesad Iranian Investment Company – Entity in connection with IRGC;

3. Sazeh Consultants

Working with mentioned entities may harm your business future. These entities are connected with designated / sanctioned entities who are helping Iranian Regime Terrorist Activities & development of WMD.